I’ll get the installment to Russia?

Apple has expanded its new best action that allows you to purchase iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR in installments without overpayment. After Australia, where the official installment appeared for the first time, a similar option was available in China.

Official interest-free installments for the iPhone appeared in China. Apple has notified customers about the promotion on the main page of their online store focusing on the fact that the opportunity to purchase the iPhone in installments will be available for a limited time.

Under the terms of the installment, iPhone, XR can be purchased at a price of 183 yuan (1783 rubles) per month, and iPhone XS 275 yuan (2680 rubles). The deadline for granting of installment for 24 months. Apple stresses that the installment is interest free — no overpayment in purchasing the iPhone will not.

Previously this option was available in Australia. It is not excluded that the Apple is launching the ability to buy iPhone in installments and in other countries.

Source: WSJ.


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