The patent and trademark office published a patent application from Apple related products made of fabric (e.g. sleeves or straps for the Apple Watch) with integrated electronic components. Among such components are listed even gas detectors.

Range of tissue products with such features is quite broad. It can be both protective covers, and parts to wearable devices, and even part Smart Keyboard. However, in the patent, more attention is being given to the application in Apple Watch.

The authors describe a material composed of interwoven strands, and chips. As the basis can be used knitted fabric. With regard to electronic components, it can be audio, tactile sensors or gas detectors. Overall, a range of different sensors is almost unlimited. So, Apple can create a “smart” watch straps.

To talk about the exact timing of release of such goods, is impossible, as this is only a patent application. It’s still unclear whether Apple implements the idea.

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