Apple left a secret message in the video with a brief video from the presentation of the new products. Users have solved, but didn’t learn anything new.

The message drew the attention of the user Gcarsk on Reddit. He posted a screenshot of what appears on the screen very long time 01:23.


Error code “09102019” allows to guess that the company sends to September 10, when the presentation took place. In the same letter stated that it would be nice to hide the “Easter egg” at this point for Apple fans.

To decrypt the message needed to translate the ones and zeros in the ascii format. Now we have:

“So, you took the time to transcribe it? We love you”.

On 10 September in Cupertino California hosted the annual presentation of Apple. The company introduced a line of smart phones series of smart hours Apple Watch, the seventh generation iPad and new services. Among the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Max Pro iPhone 11, hours continuous display, iPad with its own operating system, subscribe to video content and games.

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