Apple in 2018 released the iPhone XS is endowed, on its assurances of protection from water. Moreover, it was stated satisfaction is very steep standard moisture protection IP68, which guaranteed the opportunity to swim with your smartphone in your pocket. As it turned out the other day, it was a lie. Bring the Apple to clean water could Russians living in Moscow. He proved that the best iPhone XS in fresh water even for a few seconds may damage it and lead to repair. He accidentally drowned his smartphone, dropping it in the water absolutely fresh. According to him, the phone has not endured such terrible abuse provided by the manufacturer, and is turned off immediately.

Muscovite said that the iPhone XS was in the water less than 30 seconds, that the device with IP68 protection is not enough to incapacitate him. However, the smartphone even after drying could not be included — the water somehow got inside and has damaged the electronic components. Most importantly, Apple, learning about the causes of the failure, the Russians refused a warranty repair, although the phone was still under warranty. He had to contact the service center Of course, the Muscovites went to court for compensation for moral and material damages, because the company actually has not fulfilled its obligations to him.

Oddly enough, the court sided with Apple, because the document about the warranty says that Apple does not guarantee full protection to their gadgets against ingress of dust and water, even in the presence of the standard IP68. In other words, it’s just a marketing ploy to not only increase sales, but to throw a couple of bucks in their prices.

From all that has happened, you can draw two conclusions: first, moisture protection in smartphones Apple is not and was not, and repairing it will be nothing. Secondly, to pay for IP68 pointless — much better to not use gadgets near water. However, there is a third conclusion — Apple is by all truths and untruths to prove that the damage to the phone or any other technology is to blame the user, but not she. This raises the question — does it make sense to buy gadgets worth significantly more expensive than competitors, but not eye-catching high level of quality and service?

On the other hand, really protected from water mobile electronics, it is possible to tell, does not exist. A striking example is the smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro, where IP68 protection is not claimed. However, it is a top gadget, which needs to be somehow protected from moisture. Even in the promotional video he is thrown into a bucket of water, although not show, what the hell is going on there. Independent tests have shown that water will kill OnePlus 7 Pro as fast as the iPhone XS — smartphone will fail completely in less than a minute.

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