Research company Brand Finance has published a new rating of the most expensive American brands. It is noteworthy that the new list has just a few differences. For example, it has Apple lost the title of most expensive American brand.

This year, analysts Brand Finance gave the title of most expensive American brand Amazon. Experts evaluated this brand in 187,9 billion dollars. Apple settled in second place. While it lags far behind Amazon. According to analysts Brand Finance, Apple’s brand today is of 153.6 billion. Washes three leaders of Google, which is estimated 142.8 billion. The five leaders also joined Microsoft and AT&T. These brands experts Brand Finance estimated at 119 and 87 billion dollars respectively.

As for surprises, analysts noted an appreciable increase in the cost of major brands of video services. In particular, last year Netflix took 59th position, and moved up 19 positions upwards. Approximately the same situation with Youtube. In comparison with last year, the brand of YouTube has noticeably increased in value and up 13 positions in the list of Brand Finance.


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