The market value of Apple has exceeded one trillion dollars. Recently, the capitalization of manufacturers iPhone to $ 1.2 trillion, allowing the Apple to the giant considerably outrun other technology companies by this indicator and take the place of the most expensive public company. But recently the situation has changed.

Yesterday the stock market first started to trade the shares of the state oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco. Literally in the first few hours the price rose 10%. In the end, the end of the first days of trading, the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco reached 1.88 trillion dollars.

It is worth noting that earlier the three most expensive companies was meant only to technology giants from Silicon valley. Except for Apple, which until recently occupied the first place ranking in the top were Microsoft ($1,15 trillion) and the Alphabet ($0,96 trillion).

Now the situation has changed. The leaders had escaped the company of the mining industry. This situation was the norm before the explosive growth of technology companies.


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