Apple and Tesla is not the first to poach employees from each other. This year alone, the cupertinos have managed to attract several top managers of the company Ilona Mask. For example, in April, Apple moved former Vice President of engineering of Tesla Michael Svetoch, as it became known today about another “escapee” from Tesla. He was a former Vice President of Tesla Steve McManus, who was responsible for designing of automotive interiors and exteriors.

Apple has not commented on the transition McManus. The information that a former top Manager of the Tesla decided to change jobs appeared in his LinkedIn profile. According to the page McManus in the social network, he is now one of the senior Directors from Apple. Thus, what exactly is included in the scope of his duties, a former employee of Tesla did not specify.

It is worth noting that over his career, McManus has worked in several major automotive companies. Except for Tesla, which he joined in 2015, he worked at Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley Motors and Aston Martin.

Given the substantial experience of McManus in the automotive industry, Apple could bring him to work on his own car project. However, this is only a guess. Earlier in the network appeared rumors about the fact that kupertinovtsy decided to temporarily roll your project to develop your own car and focus on creating a system of Autonomous control of vehicles.


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