According to well-known third-party developer Guillermo Rambo, which often shares information about Apple’s plans now cupertinos are actively working on a MacBook Pro with the new keyboard.

Information about radically new “Proshka” virtually none. It is not excluded that the new Apple laptop will be equipped with not only advanced keyboard, but a screen with a larger diagonal and a very thin frame.

Also Rambo I’m not sure yet how exactly Apple is planning to update the MacBook Pro keyboard. At the moment there are two possible options: either the cupertinos will completely abandon the existing solution, or once again modify the “Butterfly”.

Recall that last year, Apple released the third version of the keyboard, “Butterfly”. Initially it was assumed that additional protective membrane makes the keyboard more reliable. However, shortly after the start of sales of MacBook Pro 2018 in the network again began to receive complaints of sticky keys. In the end Apple had to acknowledge the existence of problem and run an extended warranty.


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