IPhone users in the U.S. will soon be able to instantly transmit your location to emergency services. Before such a possibility was not simple, as an outdated system of 911 centers are not equipped to accept accurate GPS coordinates with smartphone.

The old equipment of the New world

In the US the location of those who dials an emergency (for example, the infamous 911) may not be exactly recognized reference service. The reason for this is deeply outdated technology, which is used by emergency services of the United States. Rescue USA using equipment designed for positioning on a call with a home phone or public phone (as it was 50 years ago when they created the 911 system). It has long ceased to meet the trends of today’s technological world.

With the advent of cellular 911 system, of course adapted, but rather weakly. So, when making an emergency call from the mobile phone centers receive calls get the information about what cell phone tower operator activates the connection. For a more accurate location to rescuers see to up sticks and leave the area the cell towers, which is already engaged in the search for victims. It is not only difficult, but takes much longer, and in emergencies, every second counts. Absurd thing: almost 80 percent of emergency calls are made to mobile phones devices which today can accurately determine the location of the user. Apple, realizing this, decided to close the gap to your new “911 Feature”.

“911 feature”: what we don’t know the American rescue service

With the help of technology new York startup RapidSOS, which entered into a collaboration of Apple, the location where was made the emergency call by using iPhone, can be tracked with precision.

The technology, which the iPhone will locate coordinates with an emergency call, called HELO. To identify the exact location will be processed information from GPS satellites and the surrounding access point Wi-Fi.

Once you have located, the handset will transmit the coordinates of the victim who made the call in the so-called non-state “Clearinghouse”, where will be communicated directly to the rescue services.

In order to use this function, a separate app is not necessary, according to the developer. The function of transmission of GPS coordinates by emergency services will be built into iOS starting with one of the following versions.

Assuming that the technology will be built into the device OS, its spread around the world and the creation of new focal points — a matter of time. Might technology interested and MOE in parallel or instead of promoting its own Mobile app lifeguard (by the way, is also designed for iOS).

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Three words instead of coordinates: how does the what3words

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