If used to sign in to Apple to find vulnerabilities in the company’s gadgets was only possible by special invitation, and the amount of compensation does not exceed $200 thousand, but now the situation has changed, reports CBS. The head of Apple’s security Ivan krstić announced new details at a conference in Las Vegas.

First, Apple now offers to practice breaking all of their platforms — iOS, iCloud, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. Secondly, the amount of the maximum reward is increased to $1 million third, this bonus can only count one who will be able to hack the iPhone.

Ivan krstić said that Apple is ready to provide experts in the field of security pre-production from the point of view of software iPhone that hack is easier than commodity instances. If someone will be able to obtain full control of the smartphone without the owner of the gadget, it will pay $1 million
Recall program by Apple to encourage finding bugs and vulnerabilities in their products were launched in 2016. Since then, external experts were identified and fixed 50 serious errors in the production of American company.

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