According to the analytical company Counterpoint Research, this year the most successful manufacturer of mobile devices is Apple. It receives from sales of its smartphones considerably more profit than competitors.

Experts say that at the moment the iPhone brings cupertinos more money than all devices of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo put together their producers. This is due to the fact that Apple smartphones are very popular in developed fear. In particular, in the United States, Japan and Europe where people can often buy their expensive devices.

In the second place to profits from its smartphones is Samsung. The Korean giant is a leader on this indicator among the other manufacturers of devices on Android. However, the lag from Apple is very large.

Experts predict that in the future the situation may change. With the advent of Chinese manufacturers of devices that support 5G they will increase their profits. Now companies from China earn their smartphones quite a bit.


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