The study of trends in hiring staff, dealing with developments in the field of augmented reality, gives more idea of what Apple is planning to create in the future.

Over the last couple of years Apple more and more interested in the augmented reality. Last week the company acquired a startup that focuses on creating lenses for AR points.

The company Thinknum have looked at the last jobs of the Corporation from Cupertino, related with augmented reality. In job ads item is marked “AR app” and maybe that’s Apple Maps.

In the job description for a position in the Department of development of Apple Maps the company States that the map service as a product is still in its infancy, but with new technologies such as LIDAR and augmented reality, you can turn it into something new:

“Digital maps have become an important tool in our daily lives, but despite their omnipresence, the services are still in their infancy. From urban mobility to determine positions inside buildings, from LIDAR to augmented reality, advances in technology and new types of data lead to innovation in all areas of digital mapping. If you like cards and passionate, you will be able to work in a great company” – describes the requirements for applicants Apple.

In another list of job openings for iOS / macOS-engineers are not many details, but there is a requirement to be able to work with Maps and APIs, as well as to understand the API of augmented reality.

Third-party solutions showed how AR can be used to improve Maps and navigation, so Apple should concentrate on improving service, especially Apple Maps is in the process of rebuilding from scratch.

Trends in recruitment are not necessarily clear indicators of what will be the products, but in many cases they can give to understand where and what Apple focuses attention.


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