If you believe the analysts of Barclays blaine Curtis, who refers to the authoritative sources in the chain of component suppliers, in the future, Apple may abandon the technology of 3D Touch to their smartphones.

At the moment, for some unknown reason cupertinos plans to abandon 3D Touch. In the past Phil Schiller talked about the fact that the development of this technology, engineers took several years. In addition, works were spent huge amount of money.

According to one version Apple will abandon 3D Touch for financial reasons. More precisely, the failure is related to the reluctance of the company to further increase the value of their smartphones. For this reason, cupertinos can opt out of this technology.

It should be noted that Curtis is not the first analyst, who says the possible refusal of the 3D Touch. Previously, this forecast was shared by Ming Chi Kuo. However, the latter only talked about a 6.1-inch iPhone, which the cupertinos have to show after a few weeks.


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