Apple may not release a smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation in 2020. In 2019 it will not accurately represent a machine, but to stay with him, she can still at least two years. As it became known, Apple is ready to manufacture the iPhone with the 5G, as it depends on Intel, with its wireless modems, which the network does not yet support.

And then there are three options — wait for the new modems, to contact Samsung or bring the request to Qualcomm. With Samsung Apple has long been hostile, although it does not prevent her to purchase she screens for new IPhones, but with Qualcomm it fell out recently. In the end, the situation is a stalemate — Apple will either have to work with, we can say the enemies, or wait for Intel will finally Wake up and catch up with competitors.

But, actually, nothing wrong in the delay in the release of the iPhone 5G no in the world yet no one working network of the fifth generation, which are made available to ordinary customers. Their distribution will start just a year or two, so it’s not as bad as it may seem. Another thing is that Apple is quite able to call 5G modem innovation, despite the fact that the smartphone is already available for purchase. Well, it will be the occasion to once again laugh at her.

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