In the recently approved patent application from Apple describes a small device that is designed to be worn on the finger.

According to the patent (the application for it was filed long ago, but the published document was just now), “smart” ring can include, inter alia, a processor, microphone and module for wireless connection, a small touch surface. As planned by Apple, this device, apparently, should not be used in single player mode — it can be rather handy wearable gadget for a number of functions and to control iPhone and iPad. The engagement ring could occur when the touch region, as well as using voice commands to virtual assistant Siri.

Of course, in this case, it is only a patent application — and will Apple ever release such a device (which possibly could get the name of the iRing), is unknown. It is worth mentioning that recently Amazon has introduced the “smart” ring Echo Loop, integrated voice assistant, Alexa (it doesn’t have the touch pad, and control it needs only with voice).

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