The last financial report, Apple has demonstrated that users don’t really want to buy an iPhone. According to analysts, this is due to the high cost of Apple products. However, it is likely that in the near future, the cupertinos will reconsider its pricing policy in order to stimulate sales. In an interview with Reuters, said Tim cook.

The head of Apple, the company noted that last year the economic situation in some markets has deteriorated and this has impacted on the final cost of Apple devices. It happened in the first place because Apple ties their prices or to the dollar or the Euro. In the end, in some markets due to the fluctuations of the national currency the cost of Apple devices during the year have been adjusted several times. This is what happened in Russia.

Tim cook said that to spur sales outside the U.S., Apple will lower the prices of their devices to the level of last year. Thus, if you focus on the Russian price of the iPhone Xs 64 GB, then it should be reduced from 89 to 79 481 990 rubles.

But in some regions and when will such a decrease, the head of Apple, the company said.


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