For many years investors have argued that Apple could sell its iPhone subscription to move the majority of its revenues from transactional sales to permanent.

According to Business Insider, during a teleconference on financial results, Apple CEO Tim cook did not refute this idea, and hinted that Cupertino is considering new ways monthly payment for the iPhone.

Also Tim cook said something similar applies now. Some customers have, in fact, use their iPhone subscription, because for them, the plan updates iPhone Upgrade Program. This program was launched by Apple in 2015.

iPhone Upgrade Program allows each year to buy a new iPhone, bringing over the years subscription fee. After 12 payments, users can take a new iPhone model, and again to pay the subscription fee. The cost of the gadget is evenly distributed over 24 months.

How to operate the subscription program in the future Tim cook is not explained. Apple’s CEO noted that the company is already working on the simplification of the procedure of monthly payments for the iPhone within the iPhone Upgrade Program.

In addition, at the moment, and the Trade-in program, which involves the exchange of old Apple products to new. As noted by Tim cook during the conference call, many users do not mind having the latest model iPhone, and are willing to pay for it monthly. According to analysts, in the end Apple will go to sell their iPhone subscription.

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