Moscow, July 11 — “News. Economy” Augmented reality will help to increase sales of the iPhone and applications, resulting in Apple can earn about $8 billion, according to experts of Bank Merril Lynch.

Analysts at major us Bank Merril Lynch has published estimated projections for Apple’s revenue from the sale of augmented reality. Minimal Apple’s revenue from AR will be in the range of $6 to $8 billion

Analysts believe that augmented reality technology will be the driver of smartphone sales supercinski the company, as the competitors do not have the same implementation of AR, like Apple. The optimistic forecasts for augmented reality Apple can easily earn more than $11 billion in the short term. Analysts believe that this will happen before 2020.

The Bank increased the target price from $225 to $230, about $40 above the price of trading on Tuesday. Apple shares rose more than 30 percent yoy and 12 percent this year.

Interestingly, experts predict a profit of $1 billion just from AR applications. The rest of the money will be received due to the growth in demand for the iPhone. If Apple is yet to unveil augmented reality headset, the proceeds could reach $11 billion, according to Merril Lynch.

It is obvious that Apple has long been preparing the ground to enter the market of devices of virtual and augmented reality. The head of the company many times in the interviews spoke positively about the prospects argumentirovannost reality. So, in 2016, he said that over time, the AR system will be for people as common as three meals a day.

Devices “Apple” company have long supported augmented reality using the software package ARKit. It is impossible not to recall the numerous Apple patents, or otherwise associated with virtual and augmented realities. Therefore, it is safe to say that the release of a specialized gadget just a matter of time.

A few months ago in the media appeared the first detailed leak of what may be the first full-fledged Apple device. The project, codenamed T288 is in its early stages, the output of the device is planned for 2020, But Apple may change plans or even abandon them.

According to insiders, the image forming device are two screens with a resolution of 8K each. For reference: under 8K usually refers to displays with a resolution of 7680 on 4320 pixels, that is each eye in supposedly developed by Apple VR-helmet will have 33 megapixels. To form as detailed a picture (at least if we are not talking about broadcast video, and rendering three-dimensional scenes in real time), even the most advanced features of modern processors and graphics cards is not enough.

Moreover, the headset will be wireless: to connect to a video source Apple uses high-speed technology called WiGig 60GHz. Itself computing unit is equipped with a processor from Apple, which will exceed the capacity of all existing chips.

However, more than 1 billion Apple devices already have support for augmented reality apps, which makes iOS ecosystem extremely appealing to software developers.

The AR market is driven not only games, although the runaway success PokemonGo, which, in fact, introduced to the masses with augmented reality, it is impossible to forget. Possibilities of augmented reality at work is almost limitless.

International brands can use it to display your products on any surface and even people. Clothing stores create virtual fitting rooms to the customers saw the thing sitting on them. Furniture stores place virtual furniture in real homes, and buyers are using the application installed on your tablet, you can find your potential acquisitions of suitable places.

Lowes is a chain of stores that sells home goods, is experimenting with augmented reality quite unexpectedly from navigation usage by Department to the holographic room, in which you can change the interior. Interior projects ideal for use with AR/VR, so Lowes, it seems, stands at the head of the revolution.


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