According to Apple, filed in the Bureau of patents and trademarks in the future cupertinos can run a special version of its music service. It is assumed that the new product under the name Apple Music for Business is targeted at those who need to freely broadcast music to a wide audience without fear of copyright infringement.

It is possible that the cupertinos will not create a completely new service. Most likely, Apple will simply add a new tariff plan that will be created specifically for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. There is an assumption that such business rate will offer users significantly less restrictions. For example, there will be no limit on the number of connected devices. In addition, the business plan may let openly music from Apple Music in public places. However, the cost of such a rate should be significantly more expensive.

In fact, now one can only assume. The sources do not share any specific information concerning Apple Music for Business. You can, however, suggest that the demand for such services will be. Especially if Apple and the record companies, collaborating with Apple to manufacturer, will not set too high a value.

Recall now that the cupertinos are already offering a number of special subscriptions to Apple Music. One of them is designed specifically for students. Under this rate the students from different countries can use the Apple Music at a discount.


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