At the moment, many believe that Apple will present its service with video content this summer. However, if you believe the information, which is shared by the publication of the Information, prior to the official launch of the new service is only about two months.

The authors citing informed sources reported that Apple is now actively communicate with their partners and began sending special letters, which indicate the timing of the launch of the new service. You happen to be a must start in mid-April.

It is reported that at the start of the service will be available quite a lot of different content. And it is as unique videos and shows, and video content provided by major studios and channels, such as HBO and STARZ.

As for the cost, then part of the content should be available to users free of charge. For owners of Apple devices will only need to install a special application. In this case, for access to some video and show to pay still have. Most likely, the cupertinos will give preference to subscription. However, exactly how much it will cost, is still unknown.


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