Recently, a number of online sources reported that Apple plans to postpone the release of the smartphone, which can work in 5G networks until 2020. But for now, some analysts believe that such a delay could hurt Apple.

Bloomberg, citing its own sources, confirms rumors that Apple will release a smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation (5G) not before 2020. This is supported by the fact that in the past cupertinos have used a similar approach to support 3G and 4G have appeared in Apple’s mobile devices about a year after the mass deployment of networks.

It is expected that Apple is in no hurry with the introduction of support for new communication standards because initially these technologies are not always stable, and the network coverage for the first time leaves much to be desired. However, in the case of 5G, the situation may slightly change.

According to experts, the belated introduction of 5G, the iPhone can be risky for Apple, as the interest in this technology is quite large. The growth rate of wireless data transfer can spur the entire industry and contribute to the emergence of new types of mobile devices.

According to the authors of the publication Bloomberg, Apple’s decision to wait with the implementation support iPhone 5G can be connected with a conflict with Qualcomm. Intel, which is now the main supplier of modems for Apple devices, is not yet able to offer the cupertinos appropriate solution.


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