According to the Financial Times, in the near future the price of some Apple devices keep growing. We are talking first and foremost about smart watches, set-top boxes and smart speakers.

The reason for the increase in prices for products of Apple could be the introduction of duties on goods that enter the United States from China. On the introduction of such a gathering for quite long time already thinks the US President Donald trump. In fact, the introduction of 10% duty will be the reaction to the sanctions China against American goods.

As most of the Apple products assembled in China, Apple devices can fall under sanctions. Cupertinos, to compensate for new costs, will be forced to raise the cost of their products. Some believe that Apple will raise the price on all of your devices, otherwise some of them will rise in price too much.

It should be noted that the introduction of fees for goods made in China, should deal not only with Apple. The authors of the Financial Times noted that the new fee will hurt Amazon, Google, Sonos and several other American companies.


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