In the past analysts and network sources reported desire of Apple to release radically redesigned MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen and thin frame around the display. Due to this, the dimensions of the computer should be maintained. According to the latest projections, the announcement is scheduled for 2020 or 2021. However, the preliminary preparation, the company began now.

According to Korean publication the Elec now cupertinos are in talks with Samsung Display to understand whether a display unit of the Korean giant to begin production of OLED displays for a new generation of MacBook Pro.

Experts say that potentially, Samsung may allow cupertinos not only to create laptops with larger diagonal while maintaining the overall dimensions, but also to help reduce some of the weight of the display unit.

It is noteworthy that initially a well-known analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that the cupertinos can produce 16-inch MacBook Pro this year. However, he later corrected the date of the announcement, sliding it to 2020 or even 2021.


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