An important clarification from the source.

Today, August 22nd, the Internet was shocked by the discovery in code the new version of Xcode. Developed by Guilherme Rambo found in it a reference to another new Apple smartphone with a before unknown code name. Media and users differently interpreted the find developer, so he decided to clarify.

Rambo said in his blog on Twitter that the code of Xcode really mentions four new iPhone models, which is not yet released. Here is the list:

  • N84 / iPhone 11,1 — 6.1-inch iPhone 9 with LCD display.
  • D3x / iPhone to 11.3 — 5.8-inch iPhone 11 OLED display.
  • D3x / iPhone to 11.5 — 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Plus with an OLED display.
  • T500 / iPhone with a 9.7 — the new iPhone with processor A10 Fusion (assuming it is iPhone SE 2).

Thus, the developer has made an important clarification. Code discovered in the Xcode new iPhone model number T500 / iPhone with a 9.7 is not a 6.1-inch iPhone 9. The latter was reported by many media, than introduced Apple fans misleading. In this regard, Rambo and clarified the situation. Note that we initially examined the message to Rambo and told about his discovery properly.

Apple to present new iPhone in the first half of September. However, to date, the company has not made an official announcement of the event.

Source: Twitter.


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