New Apple iPhone models can return the logo to a glowing Apple. It is reported

For the first time a glowing “Apple” logo appeared on the PowerBook, which was released in 1999. But in 2015, get rid of it to make the body more slim. And now, according to foreign insider, Apple is thinking about returning logo.

A possible innovation is already reflected in the patent. Glowing logo will inform the user about notifications and missed calls. The owner of the phone can control the brightness of and circuit flicker. By default, it will depend on the type of event.

Whether the idea comes to fruition, is still unknown. Some users have already questioned the glowing logo on the back cover. After all, most iPhone lies on the table face up.

Earlier it became known that Apple will show films first in cinemas and then on the streaming site Apple TV+. Experts believe that such a step need to involve in the production of their films by known Directors and producers.

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