This year, Apple may return your device the old logo, made in the form of a rainbow Apple. Recall that he first appeared in 1977, the Apple II. The company decided to change it only 20 years later – in 1998.

According to one of the sources MacRumors, this year, Apple may return to the old rainbow logo. While it is not known exactly which of the gadgets it will appear. Perhaps the multi-colored Apple will adorn one of the new computers of the company. Also some believe that the legendary logo could appear on Apple’s mobile devices. Moreover, Apple may go the way of the (PRODUCT)RED, highlighting the iPhone and iPad with the rainbow logo in a separate lineup.

It is worth noting that the authors Now emphasize that the information may not be true to the end as before about wanting Apple to return to the use of the rainbow logo was not reported by any other source.


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