Some time ago, Apple faced a serious problem. In particular, with a noticeable drop in sales. Moreover, this situation is widespread. The company even had to admit that the projections of quarterly earnings may not occur. The analysts of Wedbush Securities believe that this is only the beginning.

According to the latest forecasts of experts, in the near future cupertinos can significantly reduce the cost on some of their smartphones in the private market. First of all we are talking about China.

However, such a move can help cupertinos not only to stimulate sales of the iPhone, but also to maintain the existing base of active users. Otherwise the company runs the risk of gradually losing one of the most important of their resources. The latter is especially important for Apple, given that in the near future cupertinos plans to launch its new streaming service with videos.

Experts believe that due to low sales and falling demand for Apple devices Apple may decide on unconventional step and significantly speed up the output of the video service, which has become its main trump card in the near future.


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