If you believe the analysts J. P Morgan, which refer to information obtained through supply channels of the electronic components in the future Apple may switch to the new scheme announcement of its smartphones.

Traditionally cupertinos introduce a new generation iPhone in the fall. This practice is already not the first year. However, sources report that Apple is considering a schedule change.

Experts say that in the future cupertinos can start to show a new iPhone model at the beginning and end of the year. In the past Apple several times already used such tactics. In March took place the announcement of the “intermediate” models, and in September, the company showed a full update. However, in the future, such a scheme announcements can be used on a regular basis.

Analysts at J. P Morgan believe that the new approach will help Apple not only to expand the product line, but will also allow the company to strengthen its market position. Expanding the number of available models, the cupertinos will be able to gain a foothold in new niches. For example, in the now popular mid-price segment.


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