Thanks to the gossip columns we know who married the stars, where they go on holiday, what brands they prefer, what food you choose and much more. And what about the gadgets? In a world where the phone has become a necessity, curious to see what equipment choose those who can allow themselves any whim.

Leonardo DiCaprio

It is no exaggeration to say that Leo is one of the iconic actors in the history of cinema. Similarly, we will not sin against the truth, noting that DiCaprio prefers Apple products. Leo is willing to change the model of your iPhone, as soon as the market goes the new version.

Brad Pitt

Another Hollywood hunk-heartthrob brad pitt is also using an iPhone. Brad and Leo really made friends on the set of the film “Once in Hollywood” even hit the shot the paparazzi when did iPhone brad your truly stellar selfie.

Robert Downey Jr.

“Iron man” — a longtime fan of Apple products. Robert enjoys the “Apple” gadgets for a long time and don’t forget to regularly buy new models of iPhone.

Christian Bale

An outstanding Hollywood actor, a true master of bodily transformatsii Christian bale thinks your iPhone is truly indispensable. Christian is literally not part with your favorite gadget, whether it “lunch break” between the shots or walk through Los Angeles with a beautiful wife.

Steven Spielberg

The legendary Director could quote Oscar Wilde. The phrase writer “I am very unassuming. I have enough of the best” perfectly describes the likes of Spielberg to the technique of the company and its namesake, Steve jobs.

And you can buy a brand new iPhone X right now, without leaving the couch. Just look at the online store and make a couple of clicks away. After all, stars is not bad advise!

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