Moscow, September 24 — “News. Economy”, Apple has announced that production of the new Mac Pro will be in Austin in the United States. Components to the Mac Pro will be made in Arizona, Maine, new Mexico, new York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont. Suppliers including Intersil and ON Semiconductor.

Apple reported that Mac desktops series Pro will be produced in Austin, Texas, not in China. Thus Apple fulfills its pledge to invest $350 billion to the US economy by 2023.

“We deeply believe in the power of American innovation. That’s why every Apple product designed in the USA and consists of details of the 36 States that provides 450000 jobs American suppliers, and we’re going to continue to grow in America,” said Tim cook, Apple CEO.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said in his Twitter that Apple will not receive the exemption of duties for parts Mac Pro produced in China. “Make them in the United States,” said the American leader. Trump also called on the company to build their plants in the country.

Apple has stated that the company’s products consist of components from the 36 States that support 450 thousand jobs in the United States. However, the Corporation was also able to secure a Federal exemption for certain components for the laptop.

Last Friday, US trade representative raised the duties on a number of computer components imported from China, and also partially granted the requests of Apple in the granting of an exemption from the payment of new duties for the import of parts for the desktop Mac Pro.

Apple filed 15 requests for exemption from the payment of 25 percent of duties on components are imposed in connection with a trade war the US and China, and received the approval of the government for 10 of them, reports Reuters with reference to published government documents.

According to Bloomberg, the list of components varies from partially completed printed circuit boards to the housing of the Mac Pro, as well as accessories such as the Magic mouse and Magic Trackpad. Requests from other components are still under consideration of the government.

Applications for exclusion from the list of goods from China to levy a 25 percent duty was filed by Apple in July of this year. Recall that on 15 October a levied duties on imports from China will grow to 30%.

As for smartphones and tablets Apple analysts believe production in the U.S. unprofitable. For example, the iPhone of the American Assembly will be twice as expensive as Chinese.

Instead, Apple plans to move production to other developing countries: India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. Now the company produces some smartphones in India — the plant Wistron in Bangalore going the iPhone version 6S, SE and 7.

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