Today, Apple spoke about the program called Apple Digital Masters, in which the tracks are Mastered for iTunes is gradually transferred to Apple Music. Thus, users of Apple’s streaming service have the opportunity to enjoy the unique compositions that sound exactly as intended by the authors and executors of songs.

Recall that the Mastered for iTunes program was launched in 2012. All songs that fall into this category, are not different from other songs in iTunes format or bitrate. However, they sounded different.

Now songs from the Mastered for iTunes began to gradually move to Apple Music. In fact, the cupertinos transfer the songs to your music service for quite some time. However, officially this was announced only today, presenting a section of Digital Masters.

According to representatives of Apple, now masteringa treatment were 71% of the 100 most popular tracks in the world. However, in the future this list will only grow. The cupertinos do not emit similar songs in a separate playlist paid.


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