Now the information about the works of an artist is divided into categories, easier to read than before.

Earlier albums the musicians had no division, be it the main album or single. Now on the main artist page was developed. A separate list distinguished concert record, EP – short releases consisting of multiple tracks, the singles songs released separately not included anywhere and compilations, often consisting of the best material produced by the group for a certain period.

This detailed separation of content only available on the artist page. To view need to find artists in the search, and then go in official profile.

In addition, in the latest update, Apple added in a new Top 100 Music playlists.

Apple Music is good because unlike its main competitor, Spotify, which is available in Russia, has a database of 40 million songs, and allows you to keep the music in your device for future offline listening.
You can subscribe for $ 169 p/month for personal use, 269 p/mo for family access, which can use 6 people, and for students the cost is 75R/month. The first 3 months for new users remote access.


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