Despite the fact that the first quarter of 2019 fiscal year for Apple was not very successful in some areas, the cupertinos still have something to brag about. In particular, the company manages to successfully develop their services. Revenue from them is growing in several quarters. Along with this increases the audience of certain Apple services.

For example, Apple Music has crossed the symbolic mark of 50 million paid subscribers. Due to the growth of active audience, revenue from Apple’s music service has reached its highest level since its opening. This news was shared by Tim cook, speaking before investors.

It is noteworthy that about a year ago, the audience of paid subscribers Apple Music were about 40 million people. Thus, it is possible to say that in a year Apple service has grown quite strongly. However, the backlog from the main competitor in the face of Spotify is still very high. The latter has about 90 million paid subscribers.


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