The service is becoming more and more popular.

Music streaming service Apple Music continues to evolve. According to new data analysis company, The Financial Times, Apple Music signed for more than 56 million users worldwide. Less than six months, the number of paid subscribers to Apple Music has grown by 6 million.

However, Apple Music is still far behind its main rival Spotify, which has 83 million paid subscribers. The rate of growth of subscriber base from Spotify in the last few months, even larger than the Apple Music.

Analysts believe that Apple is able to very easy to attract to its music service for new users. According to experts, any favorable action on the connection Apple Music will lead to a surge in subscribers. However, if Apple is already planning to hold any shares for its customers in the near future is unknown.

It is interesting that in Russia, Apple is actively promoting Apple Music among authorized retailers. Now, for example, MTS subscribers can also get a free 6 months of listening to Apple Music. Read more about how to activate a free subscription we described in this article.


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