Apple has published the ratings of the most popular apps and games in the App Store. The position of apps in the rankings are formed based on the number of downloads and purchases.

The trend in the games are multiplayer real-time battles — genre “battle Royal”, while the trend in the applications — the so-called SelfCare. If the earlier application had simply followed our activity, considered steps and calories and reminds about training, then in 2018, they have turned to coaches who are working on the quality of life of the user.

Game of the year was the Donut County is a story — driven puzzle game with real physics. The application is quite a strange main character — a voracious pit, which feeds all in a row, and the player has to cope with a gradually expanding hole in the ground. Game of the year for iPad — Gorogoa, a beautiful puzzle, which a programmer from Silicon valley lasted five years.

The app on your iPhone and iPad is Procreate Pocket, powerful drawing application. App on iPad — Froggipedia, app with augmented reality developed with ARKit. It will place a virtual frog in the real world right in front of the students. Froggipedia also provides students the opportunity to virtually dissect a frog using Apple Pencil.

Top free iPhone apps: 1. WhatsApp Messenger 2. Instagram 3. VK 4. Sberbank Online 5. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream 6. Telegram Messenger 7. Yandex.Taxi 8. Joom 9. Pandao — buy profitably 10. Public services

Top paid iPhone apps: 1. kirakira+ 2. Glitché 3. #BS365 Workouts 4. Facetune 5. Dalgona 6. Afterlight 2 7. TouchRetouch 8. Polyglot 16 — English 9. Threema 10. Radar Arrow

Top free apps for iPad 1. VK for iPad 2. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream 3. AliExpress App for iPad 4. Sandbox Coloring 5. Skype for iPad 6. Sberbank Online for iPad 7. Telegram Messenger 8. Public services 9. Ads Avito 10. Yula: ads next

Top paid iPad apps 1. Procreate 2. AVPlayerHD 3. Little Kitten App 4. Toca Pets 5. Smart Baby Touch HD 6. Learning letters fun! 7. Little Kitten Adventures 8. Toca Life: After School 9. Counting & Numbers. Learning Games For Toddlers 10. Duet Display

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