The App Store has a new article about apps that have a dark mode.

The curators of the app store, Apple chose 16 of the best programs with a dark theme. In the list of many different programs, from RSS readers, to tools for taking notes, and they all share a special attention to the implementation of a dark mode.

This may indicate that Apple is gradually looking to the dark themes in order to incorporate the same system-level next year. Given that macOS Mojave this innovation is already there, then we can expect it in iOS 13.

In the list of applications became popular organizer Bear advanced manual camera Halide, one of the first Twitter client for iOS, Twitterrific, the official app of Wikipedia, the task Manager GoodTask 3 and many others.

It should be noted that all these applications are not only a dark theme. They are all very popular among users due to its functionality and beautiful design. Therefore, they should look carefully.


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