Apple lost the lead Microsoft.

Apple for the first time in many years, ceased to be the most valuable company in the world. The fall of Apple shares over the past two months has led to the fact that Microsoft managed to beat Apple in terms of market capitalization.

Even just 3 October, the price of Apple shares was a record in the history of the company. This helped Apple become the only company that has a market capitalization of over a trillion dollars. Apple is able to achieve such a result the first among all the leading technological companies.

However, it is not the highest demand for the new iPhones, particularly in China, Apple’s decision not to announce the number of sold devices and the information on the reduction of the production rate of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR serious blow on positions of the company. 3 Oct Apple securities fell by 26%.

After another fall of Apple shares by 1.69% the value of the company was $billion 746,82 Apple for the first time in a long time lost the title of most expensive companies in the world. She was defined by Microsoft, with the capitalization currently is $753,34 billion.

It is important to note that Microsoft, like all technology corporations in the U.S., similar to the prolonged recession, like Apple. So, Microsoft shares fell by 12% over the last month and a half and the decline continues, albeit not as fast as Apple.


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