As expected, Apple has again opened his most famous and visited store. We are talking about the Apple Store in the shape of a cube, which is located on Fifth Avenue in new York. The store opened after almost a three year break and became the first Apple Store that works around the clock and seven days a week.

Despite the extensive alterations that have occurred in the store, and Apple is very carefully treated with the most recognizable part of this Apple Store glass cube. After workers removed the protective iridescent films, it was found that the cube looks surprisingly familiar. He still has 15 glass panels, and inside, everything also hangs a large Apple logo with backlight.

But if you sign in to the Apple Store remained unchanged, everything else has changed a lot. For example, take the area around the store. It has become more attractive. In the square there was more light, a new unusual place to stay and a small window through which everyone can look to the store.

As for interior space, it has almost doubled in size. Thanks to this Apple Store on Fifth Avenue was the largest retail store of Apple. Currently employs more than 900 people who speak 36 languages.

Has changed not only the size but also the design of the store. There were decorative trees, green wall, as well as new places for employees and visitors.

It is worth noting that the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is still the world’s only Apple retail store that has two special rooms for meetings and negotiations. Also, the store has a separate area of the Apple Watch Studio to try on the Apple Watch with different straps, area, which allows to evaluate the possibility HomePod and hall for public lectures and other similar events.


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