At the end of this week, Apple is expected to open its new flagship store. On the one hand this event is not unusual. In recent years, the cupertinos are actively expanding retail network. But on the other hand a new Apple Store claims to be one of the most unusual stores. And for several reasons.

First, the new Apple Store located in the building of a library in Carnegie. We are talking about buildings that were built on donations from Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie from 1883 to 1929. The building for the new Apple Store was built over 116 years ago.

Second, cupertinos not only occupied the library building, and completely renovated it. The recovery process took a lot of time and cost the company $ 30 million.

And thirdly, the new Apple Store should be different from most Apple stores your content. In particular, the company plans not only to sell through its products, how to turn a shop in the Carnegie library into a kind of centre where people will be able to learn something new and develop. Especially for this in the Apple Store provides classes for learning and creative space.

As mentioned above, the opening of a new Apple retail store in Washington state scheduled for this week, more precisely on may 11.


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