Apple seems to be much angry with such rumors.

Last week Bloomberg published an article saying that in the servers of major IT companies USA set of Chinese spy bugs. The publication led to a resonance in which the shares of server manufacturers and Chinese smartphones have started to plummet. Even the official recognition of Apple and Amazon that the verification did not reveal the spy equipment did not help to rectify the situation. Because of this, Apple had to further assert its position in an official letter to the U.S. Congress.

On Sunday, Apple sent a letter to the U.S. Congress refuted the rumors about the presence of Chinese spy chips in their servers. Apple has stated that the company regularly carries out the necessary checks to identify such equipment or spyware. None of these inspections revealed the presence of chip-spies.

Due to the controversial publication Bloomberg, Apple had to report back and front of the FSB. However, it was not enough. Officials, intelligence agencies and investors continued to discuss the likelihood of infecting the servers of us companies spy chips from China. In a new letter to Apple hoped that now the situation will be as clear as possible.

Recall that in the Bloomberg article refers to 17 from various trusted sources. Given this, and the credibility of the publication, the article generated extensive discussion and immediate action investors. The article attracted the attention of the Department of homeland security, the government of the UK and the national security Agency of the United States.

Source: Reuters.


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