Apple patented a display for the Apple Watch, which is always rabotaete today display any generation of smart watches Apple Watch will not feature Always On. We are talking about technology, when the OLED display device displays at least the current time, 24/7.

Apple is in no hurry to integrate this function in spite of unmatched power efficiency, OLED-matrix. In the end, the battery is not rubber and this technology will seriously reduce the autonomy of the gadget.

However, among the patents Apple is associated with this feature technology. But then again, engineers are not in a hurry due to serious problems with burnout OLED-matrix.

The fact that the constant display of a static image may lead to a gradual fading of organic light-emitting diodes. In this regard, Apple has offered the option of independent correction of brightness of certain regions of the OLED display.

The prototype of such functions are in development and being tested in the laboratories of Apple.

How soon this technology will be implemented, apparently, does not know even Apple itself. One thing is for sure — the Apple Watch Series 4 this feature we will not see.

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