Recently it became known that Apple filed in the Office of patents and trademarks USA a new application. The document describes an updated remote control for Apple devices. A distinctive feature of development is that it will be able to recognize the effect of depression.

According to reports, the new remote control will be compatible with almost all Apple gadgets-from tablets to TV set-top boxes and computers.

Alas, in patent application no schematic images of the remote. However, we know that it will be divided into several parts. To differ they are the texture: one smooth and the other textured.

As for the functionality of the new item, the application indicates that the new Apple remote will be able to recognize the effect of depression. Changing the impact force, the user can activate different functions. However, in addition to the sensor Force Touch on the remote control will also be a number of touch buttons. The latter will help you navigate through the menus, adjust the volume, etc.


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