According to information found in the materials of the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, some time ago Apple has thought of another system of identification of users. Now in Apple devices use at least two of a system like Touch ID and Face ID. A new development called Voice ID needs to recognize users by voice.

According to reports, the technology described in the patent application, will be able to capture the unique features of timbre and fluctuation of voice bundles to the user. All these data then will be used to confirm the identity of the device owner.

Engineers from Cupertino say that the user identification by voice can be even more reliable method of confirmation of identity than the person scanning. At the same time for work ID Voice iPhone owners no longer have to hold your smartphone in front of the face. To identify simply say the code phrase.

While such systems have some drawbacks. In particular, identification by voice may not work well in noisy environments. In addition, not all users will want to share their voice password with others.


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