Previously, Apple has already registered several patents that describe different options for extending the functionality of smart watches. However, the cupertinos are not planning to stop there. Some time ago in a patent portfolio, Apple has a document describing a technology for detecting harmful contaminants in the air.

According to reports, the technology will allow us to determine the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfates and other impurities in the air. In the long term the watch will be able not only to determine the quality of the air, but also to signal the user of possible abnormalities. This feature can be useful for people who suffer from diseases related to respiratory system.

It is worth noting that the technology identification of contaminants in the air can be used not only in Apple smart watches. The patent States that it can also appear in other Apple products such as iPhone or iPad.

As in most such cases, information about obtaining a patent for any development does not mean that the company has plans to implement it in the serial device. Many interesting ideas from patents, alas, never implemented by the manufacturer.


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