Recently, Apple introduced a technology called Ultra Wideband. It is used for spatial orientation and allows to determine the location of other gadgets. Now cupertinos use it to transfer data via AirDrop. However, the company is considering other options.

According to reports, some time ago cupertinos received a patent describing the principle of distance open car lock with the help of technologies Ultra Wideband.

In General, this idea is not new. Now many cars already have the Keyless entry function. However, the cupertinos believe that this mechanism can be improved. For example, the number of devices of the car can determine how many passengers are looking and what doors. Also potentially such a system could allocate a “right”. For example, to start the engine can only owners with “full access”, while others will just get in the car.

Talk about the imminent appearance of such advanced systems yet. It is possible that something similar cupertinos implement in their own vehicle. However, when exactly that will be submitted to the Apple Car, hard to say. On this account, analysts have several versions. One of them, the announcement may take place in 2022.


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