Apple is not the first year looking for ways to combat spam. Recently it became known that some time ago cupertinos patented technology, which is supposed to help iPhone owners protect themselves from unpleasant calls.

At the moment there are different ways to block unwanted incoming calls. The most popular of these are the so-called “black lists”. However, this limitation can be circumvented. To do this, just call from another number. Also, spammers can use other ways to bypass locks. For example, to hide their numbers, replace them, etc.

In a new Apple patent describes an advanced system that will keep track of some technical data of incoming calls. This will allow you to quickly identify calls made through a variety of services, and mark them in a special way. Thus, users with high probability will know in advance that an incoming call can be advertising or act against fraud.

As usual, no specific information on the timing of implementation described in the patent ideas are not. However, some suggest that Apple could implement something similar in one of the following versions of iOS.


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