Apple continues to replenish its portfolio of automotive patents. Recently it became known that the cupertinos have registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks a document that describes the wireless charging for electric cars.

According to available data, the charging station will be a special Parking place in the framework which will be used for charging the car. While the patent indicated that Apple car may self-Park at this place.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first to invent wireless charging for electric vehicles. To date on such projects are many large manufacturers not only cars, but also urban transport. However, in most cases, wireless charging stations for electric cars do not have a high power – this means that the charging process stretches on for a long time.

Recently cupertinos enough to actively replenish its portfolio of automotive patents. However, if you believe the latest rumors, and now Apple has decided to focus not on the creation of a private vehicle, and the system of Autonomous control.


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