Finland is often mentioned among the countries where Apple Pay works. But to the locals its capabilities are very limited.

Those who often travel to Finland for shopping, noticed next to the cash registers of most retail outlets stickers Apple Pay.

All right, the service works in the country for quite some time. The customers of most Russian banks can link their card to Apple Pay and to pay in Finland for purchases using the iPhone. But the citizens of Finland can use this service not always.

If you go to the page of Apple Pay in Finland, you can see that the platform is not supported by all banks:

To pay using your iPhone can cardholders the French financial group Edenred, N 26 German Bank, Nordea Bank, corporate headquarters in Denmark, and the Finnish energy company ST1.

However, banks in Finland is much more:

  • Osuuspankki;
  • Danske Bank;
  • Handelsbanken;
  • Ålandsbanken;
  • S-Pankki;
  • Aktia;
  • POP Pankki;
  • Säästöpankki;
  • Oma Säästöpankki.

And their customers, Apple Pay still not available. Bank employees explain this by the customer care. Safety standards of these financial institutions are much stricter those that can withstand Apple. Therefore, to protect assets that they do not support third-party services.

Thus, even the simplest payment card of any of them will be equipped with NFC chip.

And quite popular Osuuspankki and even developed its own payment service — Pivo. It has many functions, among which are contactless payments. However, they are only available in the Android app. In iOS-version of the program there’s no such section.

To understand the plot does not need to know Finnish. This is the official promotional video of the app, and it showed in the Bank’s branches, but without sound.

On the service page also pointed out that contactless payments are only available for Android devices.

Most likely, the fact that the Finnish banks and Apple can’t agree. Perhaps the company from Cupertino does not provide third-party developers access to the NFC chips, demands for certification and it is possible that requests to pay for the license. Apparently, for companies operating mainly in the small Finnish market (7 banks of 9, listed above, is only in Finland or parts of it), the fulfilment of such conditions is too costly and not feasible.

Therefore, the editors MacDigger advises travelling to Finland to pay for purchases using your iPhone, because not every Finn can.


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