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Company Loup Ventures conducted an extensive study and found that payment service Apple Pay enjoys great popularity around the world. Apple Pay uses 31% of all iPhone owners, and the number of banks that support the payment system is approaching five thousand. Especially strong popularity of Apple Pay in Russia, established researchers. The main reason for this specialists call support for Apple Pay all the leading Russian banks.

Contactless payment system Apple Pay shows the highest growth among similar services. Every year loyal users of Apple Pay is hundreds of thousands iPhone owners.

So, if in 2016, the service used 25% of users of Apple smartphones in 2017, up 31%. Experts expect that within five years this figure will reach 80%. Largely this is due to the advent of Apple Pay support in an increasing number of countries.

In Loup Ventures has estimated that of the US, a key market for the iPhone, accounts for only 15% of users of Apple Pay. Russia, by contrast, is in a leading position. The proportion of Russians from all users of Apple Pay is greater than 25%.

Note that the popularity of Apple Pay in Russia was stressed, and Apple CEO Tim cook. One of the financial reports, he thanked the Russians for your interest in Apple Pay and said the company will try to develop the service and to support more banks.


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