Apple Pay recognized as the best P2P Cash payment systemssome Reports conducted an analysis of popular payment systems operating according to the algorithm P2P (Person to Person). Of the five who participated in the rating services, Apple Pay Cash was recognized as the best.
Rating, Consumer Reports looks like this:

1st place. Apple Pay — Cash- 76 points

2nd place. Venmo — 69 points.

The 3rd place. Square Cash — 64.

4th place. Facebook — 63
5th place. Zelle — 50.

Apple Pay Cash was noted for high level of security. When sending money via iMessage are not transmitted payment card data of the user, and all transactions are encrypted. Furthermore, this confidential information is not stored on the device.
Compared to other services of instant translation from user to user, Apple Pay Cash much easier. The service does not require the owners of iOS devices much fuss.
Apple Pay Cash was launched in early November last year. To date, the service of instant money transfers via iMessage is available exclusively in the US, but the expansion of its geography is inevitable.


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